Green quality

Our green philosophy

Starting from its name, Venice Cold Stores states its main vocation, that of being a green activity that looks at the world in a green way. For VCS this means using refrigeration systems with low impact and devoting great attention to the quality of preservation of the products stored.

This attention to details finds concrete expression in the use of solar panels to produce the necessary energy to run the facility and in the ongoing monitoring of internal processes to monitor and optimize energy consumption.

Zero Kilometers

One of our goals is to promote the distribution of products by shortening as much as possible the supply chain. The terminal’s positioning within the harbour area of Venice offers the possibility to many of the businesses that operate in the Northeast to find a landing and sorting point for their products, closer than the usual trade routes.

Fewer miles by road and facilitating transport by water and by rail: these are options that are now available to exporters and importers: VCS is the means that can make this virtuous form of transit feasible.

Food and veterinary safety

VCS is equipped with three different types of certifications: the agri-food ones to treat delicate and perishable products, those relating to health and those related to the monitoring of the organisational model and of the processes within the terminal.

The certification system ensures that VCS’s clients have the highest quality standards in all the phases of incoming product management. In detail, the certifications are:

Ag / Haccp68 / 12 Rina (food) Ce-It-U7H2R Ulss 12 (health)

ISO 9001: 2008 28379/12 Rina (organisational quality)

ISO 22000: 2005 Ag / FSMS-14-54 (organisational quality)


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