Strategic Hub


Venice Cold Stores is the ideal location to intersect and take advantage of some of the major connection thoroughfares in the country. It is located in the heart of the Port of Venice, in the core of the Veneto region and of Northeastern Italy, one of the most vital production areas in Italy, a perfect interconnecting platform between the freight areas of Lombardy and Veneto, the Mediterranean countries and those of Northern and Eastern Europe.

The facility is 15 minutes away from the international “Marco Polo” airport (the third most important Italian airport), less than 10 minutes away from the motorway network (A4 Venice-Verona-Milan-Trieste; the Brenner path motorway; the main State Road Romea) and, thanks to the collaboration with the motorway of the Sea terminal, it will be connected to the national railway network.

It overlooks the West canal and therefore it can be reached by water, as well as having a partnership with the Motorways of the Sea terminal of Venice.


Venice Cold Stores, because of its location and its structural characteristics, offers dedicated services to both the international and the local markets. It is the point of contact with traffic flows which, through the Mediterranean, head to Northern Italy and to the main European trading trajectories.

On the one hand, it looks to the market of storage and distribution of products in the North and Northeast allowing a reduction in the routes by sea and land; and, on the other hand, to those linking the Mediterranean to Northern Europe encouraging the encounter between the major manufacturers and the major retail outlets.

Finally, it fulfills a role as a hub for inter-oceanic routes either to or from the major production areas of the world (South America, South Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia etc.).


VCS in figures: some of the figures that characterize the new facility for fresh and perishable produce. In figures some of the key elements in relation to the spaces, services and specificities that VCS provides to its clients.


VGT has 3 bays

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m2 of areas dedicated to logistics


different temperatures in the refrigerating rooms


bays of loading and unloading the product


pallets / hour handled


automatic weighing


freight truck and container scales

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the temperature range available at VGT

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pallets places (EPAL)


Banchina dell'Azoto, 17/1
30175 - Marghera (VE) Italia
Phone: +39.041.930141


+39 041 930141

Single shareholder company
VAT 02427570391 | Cap. Soc. € 100.000,000
REA VE - 354145
Venice Cold Stores