About us

Venice Cold Stores & Logistics Srl is a modern and efficient logistics platform for the storage, handling and movement of products that require special conditions for their careful preservation. It is the first facility of its kind within the port area of Venice.

The company has completely renovated an old industrial construction which is located along the Azoto quay in Mestre and overlooks the West waterway.

Thanks to its over twenty years’ professional experience in refrigeration logistics, it has built a plant able to offer a package of integrated services for logistics and is capable of responding to every need of those working in the business.



To receive, store, select, package, distribute, facilitate, guide, and support. These are the verbs that Venice Cold Stores puts into action in its everyday business. Our goal is to stand beside those in the business and our clients in order to provide them with our facilities, our experience and our skills so that they can improve their performance.

For this purpose, VCS has equipped itself with modern spaces and infrastructures enabling the highest quality standards, with accurate softwares which allow “real time” monitoring of products and with certifications ensuring management processes and conditions.

Our best, for your best.

Our history


Venice Cold Stores is new in its layout, but with long-standing experience in the field of preservation of fresh and perishable products. It stems from the recuperation of an old industrial plant which is located in the so-called ” West Insula” of the former industrial area, along the West canal of Porto Marghera. 

The site started its productive activity around the 1920s, it was rebuilt after the bombings of World War II and it underwent subsequent interventions in the early Sixties. The old bays, of which today remain only the external walls and roofings (completely refurbished) experienced the period of greatest production of the industrial site near Venice.

Today they stand as an example of the industrial archeology of recuperation and conversion, done from a “sustainable” perspective that represents the future of some areas that are no longer productive in the industrial sphere.

OUR SHIPMENTFree on board

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2014: 35,980km
2015: 45,923km
2016: 112,760km
2017: 345,160km

OUR SUCCESSInsurance and freight

Heading towards a streamlined cloud solution. User generated content in real-time will have multiple.

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With transport and warehousing resources in over 180 countries


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Banchina dell'Azoto, 17/1
30175 - Marghera (VE) Italia
Phone: +39.041.930141
E-mail: info@venicecoldstores.com


+39 041 930141

Single shareholder company
VAT 02427570391 | Cap. Soc. € 100.000,000
REA VE - 354145
Venice Cold Stores