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The company offers a wide range of services related to logistics, warehousing and shipping, both national and international. A team of experts is able to follow the customer to tailor each solution starting from the specific needs of each. The goal is to provide a complete offer that makes your business faster, more convenient and safer, guaranteeing the so-called “cold chain” or ensuring space for traditional storage.

Cold storage

VCS provides in the first place a storage and preservation service for fresh produce, perishable goods, cheeses, dairy products, wines and liqueurs. Thanks to six rooms differing in size and temperature, the company provides its clients with a flexible facility capable of best responding to all the needs of those who need to store their products.

Traditional storage

The facility of VCS, thanks in particular to the spaces available and to its flexible versatility is also able to respond to the logistics and storage needs for “traditional” products, which do not require specific storage temperature conditions.

This is the case, for example, of white goods, that is, all household appliances that can find dedicated, secure spaces within VCS with high control standards for storage while awaiting distribution.

Product handling

VCS offers to its clients handling services for fresh, edible and dry products. It is able, depending on the needs of its clients, to operate palletisations, packagings, sortings, baggings, etc.

VCS’s aim is to meet the needs of its clients in the best possible way, finding the most appropriate solution for each request.

Traceability, inspections, surveys and quality

VCS produces on behalf of its clients expertise reports on the products that are delivered for custody.

It ensures inspection visits, samplings, analysis, certifications (VCS is authorized for sanitary “BIP”, phytosanitary, Agecontrol, veterinary export). VCS’s facility is equipped with systematic control systems of the incoming and outgoing products in order to ensure their quality, as well as systematic control systems of the products in store in order to ensure their state of preservation. VCS ensures total traceability of its stored products from the moment they enter to when they leave the terminal.


Thanks to its management’s skills and experience, to its strategic position and to the close cooperation with the port terminals of Venice, VCS can handle full-load international shipments, groupage, door to door services, import, export and transit. It provides maritime and road transport services, both conventional and refrigerated or in container.


Thanks to a major investment in infrastructure and technology, VGT has provided itself with a large space dedicated to advanced logistics and to automated and computerized picking.

In fact, the VGT2 spaces have automated shelving on five levels which can be controlled so as to facilitate the deposit and withdrawal of individual containers. An advanced ID/Ref number identification system allowing every single product to be accurately and quickly traced and its specific location within the 5 thousand pallet spaces of VGT 2 to be indicated, completes the system.

Customs clearance

VCS works within the port area of Venice. It is capable of performing either direct and indirect customs operations or through tax representatives (at any customs office). It can work with all the “free point” services.

It has in fact DDP bonded warehouses able to guarantee any type of customs status (domestic goods, abroad status, VAT warehouse).


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